Conditions of Use

Public Reference Collection Conditions of Use

By registering to use the Australian Tropical Herbarium’s Public Reference Collection for identifying plants, you:

  • Pledge to treat the specimen collection and associated resources with respect. You must not remove specimens from their plastic sleeves, wilfully damage the specimens, labels or filing system in any way (including marking or writing on);

  • Pledge to not remove any item from the Public Reference Collection room without the prior written approval of the Director;

  • Pledge to observe JCU procedures and policies regarding usage of the computer. Unacceptable usage includes, but is not limited to, accessing or downloading malicious, offensive or harassing material;

  • Acknowledge that the ATH accepts no responsibility or liability for the failure to identify any specimen satisfactorily, nor for any consequences of an incorrect identification; and

  • Acknowledge that while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the identity, locality or other data associated with these specimens placed in the Public Reference Collection, ATH accepts no liability for any inaccuracies.