Fanie Venter

Portrait of Fanie Venter

Senior Research Officer

PhD, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

M.Sc., University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.


+61 488 010708


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I am interested in the biodiversity and ecology of plants, biogeography, ethnobotany, horticultural potential of species, adaptation of plants towards survival and plant systematics.

My research focuses on the systematics of selected genera in the Asparagaceae, Ericaceae and Rubiaceae, plant functional traits and vegetation ecology of New Guinea and its off-shore islands.

Current projects

  • Ericaceae for the eFlora of Australia - Completing species profiles, Lucid interactive identification key and other key formats for the Ericaceae of Australia.
  • Revision of the genus Dracophyllum - Producing a monograph for the genus.
  • Flora of Papua New Guinea - Describing 154 new species of flowering plants for mainland Papua New Guinea and its off-shore islands.
  • Geophytes - Studies in the morphology of geophytes especially the woody geophytes.
  • Stomata - Studies in stomatal patterns and pattern changes along an aridity gradient.

Selected publications

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