Plant Identification Service

In addition to the Public Reference Collection, the ATH offers a range of botanical information services, including our plant identification service. A fee may be levied for these services. A Botanical Information Request Form can be downloaded here or obtained from the receptionist. For plant identification requests, a completed form must be left with the specimen(s) to be identified.

Schedule of Charges

GST is added to the amounts detailed below. A 60% surcharge is added for urgent requests.




Plant identification service


Ad hoc plant identification services for non-commercial enquiries by members of the general public and amateur organisations. Up to 6 specimens per individual per year after which commercial fees apply

Commercial Plant identification service

$150.00 per hour (standard charge)

$75.00 per hour (reduced rate)

Plant identification services. The standard charge applies to plant identification services for commercial enquiries.

Reduced rate applies when quality, desirable specimens are given to the ATH; where specimens were collected as part of a collaborative project with the ATH; or otherwise at the discretion of the Director. Fees may be waived entirely in special circumstances at the discretion of the Director.

General botanical information services


Information services for members of the general public and amateur organisations where the service requires less than one hour.

Professional botanical information services

Minimum charge of three hours

Professional botanical information services including literature searches, data queries, data entry, taxonomic and nomenclature validity checks, proofreading of botanical manuscripts.

Charges are based on an hourly rate for providing these services. Hourly charges are linked to the salary scale of a CSIRO 4M officer (ca. $37.60).

Data provision

$80.00 (small search)

$150.00 (large search)

In addition to the search fee a charge of $1.10 per specimen record will be charged.

Botanical Consulting Fee

$130.00 to $190.00 / hour depending on the complexity of the consultancy